Kenneth Irby: The Intent On

Kenneth Irby THE INTENT ON Collected Poems, 1962- 2006 672 pages; hardcover; gorgeous Thorpe Feidt painting on cover; excellently designed by Jonathan Greene; $40 from North Atlantic Books This is a book I have been waiting for for many years now and finally, finally it is here: the Collected Poems of Ken Irby, one of our major neglectorinos (to use that word again) — essentially one of our very … Read more Kenneth Irby: The Intent On

Herta Müller's Nobel Lecture

Here is the opening of Herta Müller — the 2009 Nobel Prize for Literature —’s acceptance speech. You can read the whole lecture here. December 7, 2009 Every word knows something of a vicious circle DO YOU HAVE A HANDKERCHIEF was the question my mother asked me every morning, standing by the gate to our house, before I went out onto the street. I didn’t have a handkerchief. And … Read more Herta Müller's Nobel Lecture

George Fragopoulos On Mahmoud Darwish

One of the better essays on the work of Mahmoud Darwish in this country was recently published in The Quarterly Conversation on-line magazine. I am reproducing a section of the essay below; you can read the full essay here. Tracing Mahmoud Darwish’s Map Essay by George Fragopoulos — Published on December 7, 2009 • more articles by this author • more articles about this publisher • Read more about: … Read more George Fragopoulos On Mahmoud Darwish

Stendhal's Manuscripts

If you have French or just like Stendhal or actually just want to see what an excellently made website offering superbly designed access to a major writer’s manuscript can look like, go and check out the Les manuscripts de Stendhal site. Of course it took some collaborative doing and giving by local and state governments to achieve this. Thus the money behind the site comes from aa collaboration between … Read more Stendhal's Manuscripts

1000 Issues of the Quinzaine Littéraire

One of France’s longest living literary magazines, la Quinzaine Littéraire — founded in March 1966 ago by Maurice Nadeau — has published its 1000th issue recently. Check out the magazine’s site,  which offers access to many articles in pdf format. Below a video interview with Maurice Nadeau detailing the founding of the Quinzaine. Maurice Nadeau – “Comment a été créé la revue en mars 1966” from La Quinzaine littéraire … Read more 1000 Issues of the Quinzaine Littéraire

On Banat Literature

An interesting essay on minority writers (specifically Romanian-German writers) by Richard Wagner, originally from Romania, now living in Berlin, and once married to Herta Mueller, in today’s  Neue Züricher Zeitung (German article complete, here). Below three paragraphs from the piece in my hasty translation: The unrecognized periphery is fascinated by the middle, a center that shows its ignorance of the periphery in a quasi offensive manner. It says, I … Read more On Banat Literature

Rikki Ducornet Key Note Excerpt

When I got back from the 2009 &now Lit fest in Buffalo — I give the event my three e’s award: exhilarating, excellent, exhausting — I thought I’d immediately post a few recordings I made, but I ran into trouble trying to get the WordPress audio plugin to work correctly; took me to just now (ninth inning of the third game, ugh, the Yankees are ahead, ugh…) to solve … Read more Rikki Ducornet Key Note Excerpt

Literary Estates

Jamais deux sans trois. The old French saying proved accurate again: I had barely gotten over the weirdness of Paul Zukofsky’s announcement as to his intent to wring every possible & impossible penny out of his father Louis’s literary estate, research & researchers be damned, that by chance I perused Pierre Assouline’s blog La république des Livres, the latest post of which mentions Michael Orthofer’s  The Literary Saloon speaking … Read more Literary Estates

That Old New British Poetry Scene

Came across an interesting piece by Kent Johnson on the new British Poetry scene on the digital emunction site — with the discussion that follows as interesting as what started it. At the same time it gave me a certain sense of déjà-vu, as if the US (& other places too) always-already-again had to (re)discover only to immediately forget the fact that excellent, experimental, avant, post-avant — or whatever … Read more That Old New British Poetry Scene

Herta Müller Wins 2009 Nobel Prize in Literature

So the Nobel prize this year went to a German language novelist, originally from Romania. Last week when I blogged on the German Lit prize finalists, Müller was among those mentioned & signandsight  put up a translated extract from her new novel. Below are the opening paras & here the link if you want to read on. So, after a decent but not truly major French novelist got the … Read more Herta Müller Wins 2009 Nobel Prize in Literature