“Porteurs de Mots” Performances Chez Lily in Germ

Serada “Porteurs de Mots” (Part 1) Serada “Porteurs de Mots” (Part 2) Le 25/06/16 Chez Lily à Germ Louron. Video by Frank Morignière with: Corinne Dubarry (accordéon, voix) Arnaud Tartari (gembri, guitare, percussions) Nicole Peyrafitte (voix, percussions) Alexis Kowalczewski (clarinettes) Bruno Giannotta (guitare, percussions) Marie Sigal (piano, voix) Patrick-jake Alati (voix) Pierre Joris (voix) Jacme Gaudàs (voix)

Poetry & Science At The same Table: A Discussion Between Raoul Schrott & Gerd Folkers

Dichtung und Wissenschaft am selben Tisch: der Schriftsteller Raoul Schrott (links) und der Naturwissenschafter Gerd Folkers (rechts). (Bild: NZZ / Karin Hofer) An extract from a discussion in today’s Neue Zuricher Zeitung; you can read the full piece here. Raoul Schrott und Gerd Folkers: «Uns verbindet die Bricolage» “What connects us is bricolage” by Roman Bucheli 22.10.2016, 05:30 Uhr Können Naturwissenschafter mit Dichtern oder Künstlern noch über ihre Arbeit reden? Der … Read more Poetry & Science At The same Table: A Discussion Between Raoul Schrott & Gerd Folkers

The Launch of KurdîLit

via Arab Literature (in English) & by MLYNXQUALEY on OCTOBER 1, 2016 • ( 0 ) Although thus far it focuses only on Kurmanjî and Kurmanjkî, two dialects of Kurdish spoken in Turkey,  the KurdîLit project promises to expand to Soranî and Goranî, enlarging the research and information about Kurdish writers across several nations: The newly launched website, officially launched at this year’s Malta Mediterranean Literature Festival, “aims to bring together and digitally archive basic … Read more The Launch of KurdîLit

The Saga of Sisyphus: Avnery on Peres

 [Uri Avnery posted this piece on Shimon Peres on September 24, 2016, thus 2 days before Peres died. I reproduce it here because I think it is a more accurate evaluation of  Peres than the various obits that have appeared since last night.]         SHIMON PERES is a genius. A genius of impersonation. All his life he has worked on his public persona. The image replaced the man. … Read more The Saga of Sisyphus: Avnery on Peres

Giant see-saw of monsoon rains detected

Press release by the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research 26/09/2016 When the summer rains in China are weak, they are strong in Australia, and vice versa – scientists have discovered a previously unknown see-saw relationship between these two monsoon regions. This effect does not occur from one year to another, but on decadal and centennial time scales. To detect the pattern, the team developed a novel mathematical method … Read more Giant see-saw of monsoon rains detected

A poem by Abu Sakhr al-Hudhali, as transmitted by Abu Ali al-Qali

It gives me great pleasure to publish David Larsen’s translations & introductions on this core text of 8 century poems with 10 century comments from the classical, though unhappily too little known (at least in Euro-American lands) Arab literary tradition. See also his translation of al Sukkari’s version of the same poem on my Jacket2 blog. The curtailment of artistic freedom is an unusual thing to praise. Literary translation … Read more A poem by Abu Sakhr al-Hudhali, as transmitted by Abu Ali al-Qali

Paul Blackburn died 45 years ago today…

…just 44 years old. He had been a major presence in my first years in New York City, as mentor & gentle commentator on my early poems. Here, for the occasion, a poem I wrote a few years later on another 13 September, thinking of Paul, New York and trying to be unusually (for me) O’Hara-ish (published in An American Suite):   THE DAY PAUL BLACKBURN DIED   for Frank … Read more Paul Blackburn died 45 years ago today…

See you in Philly at Kelly Writers House Tomorrow!

Pierre Joris & Nicole Peyrafitte will be speaking in tongues Thursday in Philly. It starts at 6:30PM with yummy offering at the end! The Kelly Writers House located at 3805 Locust Walk on the campus of the University of Pennsylvania. See you there! Multilingual Poetics: Pierre Joris and Nicole Peyrafitte Thursday, September 8, 6:30 PM · Philadelphia, PA