Nabile Farès (1940-2016)

Just heard from his close friend, the poet Habib Tengour, that the great Algerian writer Nabile Farès died on Wednesday. A brief bio-note (revising the Wikipedia entry) for those who don’t know Farès or his work, followed by a little essay I wrote some years ago: Born in Collo, Algeria, Nabile Farès participated, during the Liberation war, in the strikes of the high school students in 1956, before joining the ranks of the National … Read more Nabile Farès (1940-2016)

BAALBECK by Etel Adnan (4)

20. I will not come back to hear Ella Fitzgerald sing over the columns. Neither will she. 21. Clouds pile up, turn into human forms on the bed of rivers an inscription always dissolves, then appears again, as the sky has already told me. 22. When no one is waiting for us any longer, there’s death, so faithful. 23. Broken souls are not anonymous, no more than the geometry … Read more BAALBECK by Etel Adnan (4)

BAALBECK by Etel Adnan (3)

10. On a wall, a lion was sculpted the first animal I loved was cold the second unveiled the incredible depth of the flesh the stone was from the Orient, love, elsewhere. 11. Watch out for the past, a poison for our fields, for these columns which are trees, regardless of spring or winter. 12. There, abroad, centuries-old oaks have heard Napoleon’s steps climbing the Rhone Valley, to fall, … Read more BAALBECK by Etel Adnan (3)

BAALBECK by Etel Adnan (2)

6. The stream of water running under Ariadne’s temple is the thread leading to the Minotaur – before getting lost in the cotton plantations in the airless labyrinth a living mass is crying, day and night the goddess has left him. I  bring him olives and wine but the god has aged. Aside from me, only the wind knows the way which links Arabia to Greece, and our thoughts … Read more BAALBECK by Etel Adnan (2)

BAALBECK by Etel Adnan

It is a pleasure & an honor for Nomadics blog to publish BAALBECK, a sequence of poems by Etel Adnan translated by Sarah Riggs over the next 4 or 5 days. Below, the opening sections of the poem & a note by Etel Adnan concerning the circumstances of the work. Last year (2015) there was in Aix en Provence and in Baalbeck itself an event concerning the Baalbeck festival of pre-war Lebanon. … Read more BAALBECK by Etel Adnan

Mahmoud Darwish’s “Identity Card” on the Anniversary of his Death

Mahmoud Darwish: photo by Dar Al Hayat, n.d.; image edit by AnomalousNYC, 11 August 2008   Put it on record. ……..I am an Arab And the number of my card is fifty thousand I have eight children And the ninth is due after summer. What’s there to be angry about?Put it on record. I am an Arab Working with comrades of toil in a quarry. I have eight children … Read more Mahmoud Darwish’s “Identity Card” on the Anniversary of his Death

Uri Avnery: The Orange Man

July 30, 2016 SO HERE we are. Either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton will be our next president.  “Our”? I am not a US citizen, and have no desire to be one. But I live in a world in which the USA is the sole superpower, in which every decision of the US administration has an impact on the lives of every human being. FOR ME AS a citizen … Read more Uri Avnery: The Orange Man

For July 28: Not Forgetting Ashraf Fayadh

via Arab Lit (in English) & BY MLYNXQUALEY on JULY 28, 2016 • ( 0 ) Today is a Day of Creativity for Palestinian poet Ashraf Fayadh, serving eight years and 800 lashes in Saudi Arabia for the alleged apostasy in his collection Instructions Within:  Graffiti for Ashraf in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. “I am scared to be forgotten.” The Guardian translated this message from the Palestinian poet, artist, and curator … Read more For July 28: Not Forgetting Ashraf Fayadh