The Pornography of Horror

The following are the opening paragraphs (in my quick translation) of an op-ed piece by Tunisian poet, essayist & philosopher Abdelwahab Medded. First broadcast on Medi-1 Radio from Tangiers on 01.03.09 (where Meddeb has a weekly op-ed spot), it was then picked up by the Frankfurter Rundschau (German translation here) and will appear soon in Le Monde. The turn of the year made for days of sadness. This sadness, … Read more The Pornography of Horror

And There Lie the Bodies

[This post had been prepared & was supposed to have been posted automatically on Thursday 8 January. For some unknown reason it did not materialize. So I’m reposting it today. A post with text by Abdelwahab Meddeb which was supposed to post yesterday has also not shown up online as expected. I will repost it as soon as I have recreated it. My apologies.] Here, the opening paragraphs of … Read more And There Lie the Bodies