Uri Avnery on Mahmoud Abbas

October 10, 2015                                                  Leader without Glory I FIRST met Mahmoud Abbas in Tunis at the beginning of 1983. I knew that he was responsible for the Israel desk in the PLO leadership. Said Hamami and Issam Sartawi, the PLO delegates with whom I had been in permanent contact since 1974, told me that he was in charge. But he was not present at my first … Read more Uri Avnery on Mahmoud Abbas

Avnery’s Lucid Assessment

Uri Avnery August 8, 2015 Divide et Impera BINYAMIN NETANYAHU is not known as a classical scholar, but even so he has adopted the Roman maxim Divide et Impera, divide and rule. The main (and perhaps only) goal of his policy is to extend the rule of Israel, as the “Nation-State of the Jewish People”, over all of Eretz Israel, the historical land of Palestine. This means ruling all … Read more Avnery’s Lucid Assessment

Uri Avnery on Israel & the Iran Treaty

Uri Avnery July 18, 2015 The Treaty AND WHAT if the whole drama was only an exercise of deception? What if the wily Persians did not even dream of building an atomic bomb, but used the threat to further their real aims? What if Binyamin Netanyahu was duped to become unwittingly the main collaborator of Iranian ambitions? Sounds crazy? Not really. Let’s have a look at the facts. IRAN … Read more Uri Avnery on Israel & the Iran Treaty

Uri Avnery on War Crimes

Uri Avnery June 27, 2015 War Crimes? Us??? “WAR IS HELL!” the US general William Tecumseh Sherman famously exclaimed. War is the business of killing the “enemy”, in order to impose your will on them. Therefore, “humane war” is an oxymoron. War itself is a crime. There are few exceptions. I would exempt the war against Nazi Germany, since it was conducted against a regime of mass murderers, led by a … Read more Uri Avnery on War Crimes


by Uri Avnery May 23, 2015 THE BATTLE is over. The dust has settled. A new government – partly ridiculous, partly terrifying – has been installed. It is time to take stock. The net result is that Israel has given up all pretense of desiring peace and that Israeli democracy has suffered a blow from which it may never recover. ISRAELI GOVERNMENTS – with the possible exception of Yitzhak … Read more WHO WILL SAVE ISRAEL?

Avnery on Iran’s Theoretical Bomb

Uri Avnery April 4, 2015 Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Bomb? I MUST start with a shocking confession: I am not afraid of the Iranian nuclear bomb. I know that this makes me an abnormal person, almost a freak. But what can I do? I am unable to work up fear, like a real Israeli. Try as I may, the Iranian bomb does not make me hysterical. MY … Read more Avnery on Iran’s Theoretical Bomb

Uri Avnery’s Vision for the Future of Israel & Palestine

Uri Avnery March 28, 2015 The Israeli Salvation Front THE 2015 election was a giant step towards the self-destruction of Israel. The decisive majority has voted for an apartheid state between the Mediterranean Sea and the Jordan River, in which democracy will slowly disappear. The decision is not yet final. Israeli democracy has lost a battle. It has not yet lost the war. If it does not draw the … Read more Uri Avnery’s Vision for the Future of Israel & Palestine

Uri Avnery: Anti-What?

  ANTI-SEMITISM is on the rise. All over Europe it is raising its ugly head. Jews are in danger everywhere. They must make haste and come home to Israel before it is too late. True? Untrue? Nonsense. PRACTICALLY ALL the alarming incidents which have taken place in Europe recently – especially in Paris and Copenhagen – in which Jews were killed or attacked – had nothing to do with … Read more Uri Avnery: Anti-What?

Uri Avnery: Waving in the first Row

January 17, 2015 THE THREE Islamic terrorists could have been very proud of themselves, if they had lived to see it. By committing two attacks (quite ordinary ones by Israeli standards) they spread panic throughout France, brought millions of people onto the streets, gathered more than 40 heads of states in Paris. They changed the landscape of the French capital and other French cities by mobilizing thousands of soldiers … Read more Uri Avnery: Waving in the first Row

Uri Avnery: The Son of my Eyes

November 29, 2014 THE PRESIDENT of Israel was aghast. Ruvi Rivlin, who was recently elected to the high but largely ceremonial post, is far from being a leftist. On the contrary, this scion of a family that has been living in Jerusalem for seven generations, believes in a Jewish state in all the country from the Mediterranean Sea to the Jordan river. But Rivlin is a true liberal.  When … Read more Uri Avnery: The Son of my Eyes