Lost Caul: Clayton Eshleman on Lascaux

In a previous post (here) I alerted readers to the disaster at Lascaux, and suggested everyone sign the petition for speedy action to save one of the core sites of earliest human art. If you haven’t done so yet, do it now (here) before or after you read Clayton Eshleman’s essay below. LASCAUX, LOST CAUL The cave of Lascaux, with its 600 paintings and 1500 engravings, is the most … Read more Lost Caul: Clayton Eshleman on Lascaux

Winter, Sebald, Norwich, Poetry Marathon, Soju, & more

A quiet evening spent looking out at the wintery landscape here in Brooklyn while spending time online, nomadically moving from one site to another, finally reading Le Monde’s political pages, then its book section keeping Pierre Assouline’s blog La république des livres for last, which in turn led me to a strange and marvelous blog the last post of which opened with the Avercamp winter landscape reproduced above. The … Read more Winter, Sebald, Norwich, Poetry Marathon, Soju, & more

Lascaux Keeps going Down the Drain

This is not new news & yet, unhappily, it is news that stays news in that nothing is being done about it — as Clayton Eshleman reminded me just a few days ago. Back in 2006, Time ran a cover story (see pix above — & you can read the story on the site given below) on the fungus threatening the prehistoric cave paintings of Lascaux, one of the … Read more Lascaux Keeps going Down the Drain

Humpback Whalesongs

According to the British paper The Telegraph: “These images may look like just pretty patterns, but they are visual representations of songs sung by whales and dolphins.” The sounds were recorded by American engineer Mark Fischer and transformed into visuals using a mathematical tool called wavelets. For the original, click here.


Blago Bung / is an exploratory device / Blago Bung / blurs all disciplines / Blago Bung / is a trans-generational mix / Blago Bung / is speed /Blago Bung / shines performance action sound poetry video with Beatriz Albuquerque Michel Bulteau Jacques Halbert Per Hüttner M.K. Patrice Lerochereuil Larry Litt Jeffrey Perkins Nicole Peyrafitte Ivan Alechine Taketo Shimada Joao Simoes Nicola Sornaga Valentine Verhaeghe Curated by Michel Collet … Read more BLAGO BUNG 4

Books & Kiefer

Still packing up my books (arrived at letter “G” in the English-language poetry section this morning). Meanwhile, here is a video (with a rather silly jazzy soundtrack) of Anselm Kiefer paintings. There is a gorgeous large book of Kiefer’s painting’s relation with Paul Celan’s work in print — worth looking for. (It’s packed already, so can’t give the reference right now). Have a good Sunday.

Oldest Example of Figurative Art

The press is abuzz today about the aurignacian statuette (6 cm in height) discovered by archeologist Nicholas J. Conard in the “Hohle Fels” dig in the Swabian Alps and dated to between 30 & 40.000 years ago. Most comments refer to her bashfully  as the oldest “fertility symbol,” thus sanitizing the statue’s strong sexual and erotic implications, though Conard is quoted in the New York Times as saying the … Read more Oldest Example of Figurative Art