On Mahmoud Darwish’s Birthday, a New Translation of ‘Dying for Free’

On the anniversary of the birth of the great Palestinian poet Mahmoud Darwish, a new translation by Naser Albreeky: ‘Dying for Free’ Mahmoud Darwish Translated by Naser Albreeky Autumn passing through my flesh as a funeral of oranges.. coppery moon crumpled by minerals and sand children falling in my heart upon the souls of men all the pain is my share..not everything is being told… and the arms of spilled … Read more On Mahmoud Darwish’s Birthday, a New Translation of ‘Dying for Free’

Darwish & Ethnic Cleansing in Palestine

via Tom Clark’s Beyond the Pale. MONDAY, 22 FEBRUARY 2016 Mahmoud Darwish: Psalm 9 (“O rose beyond the reach of time and of the senses”) / Stop Paying for Ethnic Cleansing and Send Your Kids To College For Free: A Modest Billboard Proposal Occupation, Colonialism and Apartheid in Israel – A Photo Essay by Mats Svensson #Palestine #EndTheOccupation: image via free falling upwards @philipgeany, 17 February 2016 Mahmoud Darwish: … Read more Darwish & Ethnic Cleansing in Palestine

Khaled Mattawa on Mahmood Darwish

Via Electronic Intifada: An accessible look at Darwish’s life and work, at long last Sarah Irving The Electronic Intifada 1 July 2014 Mahmoud Darwish(APA images) It is hard to talk about modern Palestinian culture without mentioning Mahmoud Darwish. The late Palestinian “poet laureate,” one of the greatest poets writing in Arabic in the twentieth century, Darwish’s brilliance looms large, six years after his death. It is surprising, then, that until … Read more Khaled Mattawa on Mahmood Darwish

More Darwish Remembrance & Celebration

Looking around the web, here is another celebration of Darwish on this anniversary, via Arabic Literature (in English) blog, with useful links to a range of materials:   Selected Works: On the 5th Anniversary of Mahmoud Darwish’s Death by mlynxqualey Palestinian poet Mahmoud Darwish died on August 9, 2008: I particularly appreciate this 2002 interview Darwish gave to Raja Shehadeh: Raja Shehadeh: Do you build on the work of others? Mahmoud Darwish: Yes. Very much so. … Read more More Darwish Remembrance & Celebration

Mahmood Darwish, Five Years Already

Last night, just before falling asleep I was reading in Pascal Quignard’s Sur le jadis (volume 2 of his Dernier Royaume series) & came across the following sentence: “C’est une plaie qui cherche son couteau. / It is a wound looking for its knife.” I put the book down to go to sleep, but the sentence kept running through my mind & for some reason started to irritate. I … Read more Mahmood Darwish, Five Years Already

Gaza, Darwish, Memory, Repetition:

Gaza repeats & repeats. Déjà vu all over again but not funny: murderous hellish inferno. I could scream when I hear American liberals, proud to have voted for Obama & with impeccable anti-war credentials, idiotically repeating the Israeli government’s fascizoid Benjamin Netanyahu’s line that the assaults & bombings are justified because “they fired rockets into Israel.” Even if later today a ceasefire were to come into effect, more than a … Read more Gaza, Darwish, Memory, Repetition:

A Braid of Garlic: Marilyn Hacker's Homage to Mahmood Darwish

In the Guardian newspaper, a review of Hacker’s new book Names (WW Norton, 2010) that also reproduces her excellent and moving poem in honor of Mahmood Darwish as the paper’s “Poem of the Week.” Check it all out here. Below, the opening stanzas of the poem: A Braid of Garlic Aging women mourn while they go to market, buy fish, figs, tomatoes, enough today to feed the wolf asleep … Read more A Braid of Garlic: Marilyn Hacker's Homage to Mahmood Darwish