A year in jail for a poem

Via “The Arabist“: Bahrain: A year in jail for a poem By Ursula Lindsey June 14, 2011 at 4:32 PM Share On Sunday a court in Bahrain sentenced Ayat Al Qurmazi, a 20-year-old education student, to a year in prison for insulting the king and inciting hatred. Al Qurmazi became famous after reciting poetry Pearl Square that includes the lines such as: We are the people who will kill humiliation and assassinate misery We … Read more A year in jail for a poem

A Call from Syrian Writers

Transmission of the call addressed to all poets and writers in the world إحالة نداء إلى كافة الروائيين والشعراء والنقاد في العالم Check out the video before reading the text and thank you for your signatures   The Syrian revolution 2011 تاريخ  الثورة السورية الحديث http://www.facebook.com/l/f966dz7Sw-ad02KT1gP0ZTb4v6g/www.youtube.com/watch?v=gzvduDVjdyA   We, Syrian writers, endorsing the previous call that our friends the filmmakers addressed to their colleagues in the world, are addressing this call for … Read more A Call from Syrian Writers

Al-Ahram’s Special Issue

The 25 January Revolution (Special issue) Egypt, after birth pangs The showdown over the future of the country is far from over. Assem El-Kersh discusses the prospects and implications 25, 28 Youssef Rakha on the first two Days Cyber revolution Mohamed Abdel-Baky reports on the role of Internet activists in instigating protests Testimony from Tahrir Gerard O’Neill once said: “Here is my advice as we begin the century that will … Read more Al-Ahram’s Special Issue

al-Tahrir Square Protesters’ Declaration

Again via Jadaliyya site, the English translation of the al-Tahrir protesters’ Declaration. Translation thanks to Fida Adely. Declaration: Egyptian Youth Protesting in Midan al-Tahrir First Main Point: The Promises of the President and the Events of February 2 We have been protesting since January 25 and conducting a sit-in in Tahrir (Liberation) Square. We strongly condemn the brutal attack that was undertaken by the mercenaries of the national party against … Read more al-Tahrir Square Protesters’ Declaration

The Poetry of Revolt

Drawing again on the excellent Jadaliyya site here are the opening paragraphs of an article speaking to the poetry — not meant metaphorically — that the Egyptian uprising is giving birth to: The Poetry of Revolt by Elliott Colla It is truly inspiring to see the bravery of Egyptians as they rise up to end the criminal rule of Hosni Mubarak. It is especially inspiring to remember that what is happening is … Read more The Poetry of Revolt

From Cairo

The photos above are by our friend the poet Belle Gironda who is teaching at the American University in Cairo and returned to that city a or so week ago. Yesterday she took a whole batch of photos and posted them to her facebook page. So, if you have access to facebook, go check them out there, i.e. click here. Nicole just sent over the following analysis on political/historical background on Cairo events — … Read more From Cairo

Dead-Enders on the Potomac

Here are the opening paragraphs of a just published editorial on MERIP (The Middle East Report). You can read the rest of the excellent analysis here. From the Editors January 29, 2011 Every US administration has its mouthpiece in Washington’s think tank world, its courtier that will slavishly praise its every utterance. For the blessedly bygone Bush administration, that echo chamber was the American Enterprise Institute and the neo-conservative … Read more Dead-Enders on the Potomac

Darwish: Journal of an Ordinary Grief

Archipelago Books has just published a book of linked autobiographical essays — first published in Beirut in 1973 — by the great Palestinian poet Mahmood Darwish, titled Journal of an Ordinary Grief, excellently translated from Arabic by Ibrahim Muhawi. What Edward Said wrote about Darwish’s poetry — that it is “an epic effort to transform the lyrics of loss into the indefinitely postponed drama od return” — is just … Read more Darwish: Journal of an Ordinary Grief

Translation Matters

Started a post last month as the translation of a note on translation from Pierre Assouline’s blog La République des Lettres. Got side-tracked, but here it is, with another couple notes on recent matters of translation that have come to my attention: Auteur et traducteur fifty/fifty Philippe Claudel’s novel Le Rapport de Brodeck was given the annual Independent Foreign Fiction Prize awarded by the British daily paper to a … Read more Translation Matters

Rimbaud Hoax, Poetry & Food, Ur-Baseball Ksar

For today, Sunday, just three little mises au points: 1) Looks like the Rimbaud photos I posted a couple days ago are in fact the work of a crazy Rimbaldian forger who has already committed various literary hoaxes (a sort of French Kent Johnson, maybe…?). I was alerted to it by another Frenchman who seems to track the forger mercilessly through cyberspace, if not to Aden, and who posted … Read more Rimbaud Hoax, Poetry & Food, Ur-Baseball Ksar