Charles Bernstein: Outside of Tune, Inside of Time

Charles Bernstein’s response / closing talk at the Outside-in / Inside-out conference in Glasgow this past October. Inspired by the recently published fifth volume of Poems for the Millennium, Barbaric Vast & Wild: A Gathering of Outside & Subterranean Poetry from Origins to Present, edited by Jerome Rothenberg & John Bloomberg-Rissman, this festival and symposium opened up views to poetry past, present, and potentially future with the question: Is … Read more Charles Bernstein: Outside of Tune, Inside of Time

Homage to Mohammed Bennis

This weekend I will travel to Asilah, Morocco, to take part on coming Tuesday in a day of homage for the great arabophone poet Mohammed Bennis, in the context of the 38th International Cultural Moussem at Al Moutamid Ibn Abbad Summer University, in the company of Adonis, Bernard Noël, Joachim Sartorius & a number of other poets & critics. Here, the detailed schedule: Programme Hommage au poète Mohammed Bennis 38ème Moussem culturel international d’Asilah … Read more Homage to Mohammed Bennis

Genre, Anxiety, and the Plurivocality of the Arabic Tradition

via the always excellent Arabic Literature (in English): BY MLYNXQUALEY on JUNE 22, 2015 • ( 1 ) The second session of the “A Corpus Not a Canon: A Workshop on the Library of Arabic Literature,” a panel series hosted by Dame Marina Warner and LAL General Editor Philip Kennedy at All Souls College, Oxford, this April. focused on the different genres and modes of writing embraced by the LAL: On the … Read more Genre, Anxiety, and the Plurivocality of the Arabic Tradition

Talking of Celan in Philadelphia Tomorrow

THE HOLOCAUST EXPERIENCE IN THE POETRY OF PAUL CELAN A conversation with Pierre Joris, moderated by Al Filreis KELLY WRITERS HOUSE Wexler Family Program 6:00 PM in the Arts Cafe hosted by: Al Filreis I’ll be in conversation with Al Filreis concerning what I consider the very often oversimplified views of the experience of Khurbn — to use Jerome Rothenberg’s “dark word” which I prefer to either “holocaust” or “Shoa” … Read more Talking of Celan in Philadelphia Tomorrow

Nomadic Travels and Travails Conference

International Poetry Seminar Moving Back and Forth between Poetry as/and Translation: Nomadic Travels and Travails with Alice Notley and Pierre Joris (7-8 November 2013, Université Libre de Bruxelles) Convener: Franca Bellarsi Co-convener : Peter Cockelbergh Over the last forty years, the concepts of nomadism and rhizomatic writing have become ever more prominent in North-American verse. The different yet highly complementary trajectories of Alice Notley and Pierre Joris are two cases … Read more Nomadic Travels and Travails Conference

Basil King: Mirage & More

Saturday September 22 FILM PREMIERE BASIL KING : MIRAGE a film co-directed by Nicole Peyrafitte & Miles Joris-Peyrafitte  at Anthology Film Archives  32 2nd Ave – NYC Basil King: Mirage Trailer from miles joris-peyrafitte on Vimeo. Saturday September 22 FILM PREMIERE BASIL KING: MIRAGE We are really exited about the premiere of our 22 mn documentary film on painter & poet Basil King at Anthology Film Archive. This is a family affair since Miles & I … Read more Basil King: Mirage & More

Nomadic and Processual Poetics…

…A Symposium on 5th May 2012 Bangor University (CONTEMPO in collaboration with Aberystwyth University) A one-day symposium featuring keynote contributions from Pierre Joris and Allen Fisher. Deadline for abstracts: April 2nd. A nomadic poetics is … always changing, morphing, moving through languages, cultures, terrains, times without stopping. Refuelling halts are called poases, they last a night or a day, the time of a poem, & then move on. A … Read more Nomadic and Processual Poetics…