PEN Presses for Visa for Palestinian Poet

from th PEN Advocacy pages: April 4, 2012 | Larry Siems Yesterday, we got word through our Translation Committee that Palestinian poet Ghassan Zaqtan , whose collection Like a Straw Bird It Follows Me is being released by Yale University Press this month, is still waiting for a visa to travel to the U.S. for a planned two-week book tour. The tour was to kick off yesterday with an event featuring Zaqtan and Fady Joudah, his translator, … Read more PEN Presses for Visa for Palestinian Poet

300 Arrested at Occupy Oakland

via Retort & Alternet: 300 Arrested at Occupy Oakland Corporate Media Dutifully Report City Officials’ Version of Events Joshua Holland [Read the original version here]. January 29, 2012 – Downtown Oakland turned ugly once again on Saturday, as Occupy activists attempting to squat in a long-abandoned city building were met by lines of heavily-armored riot police. Police officials said that 300 arrests followed – a number that may represent … Read more 300 Arrested at Occupy Oakland

Simon Ortiz: Shocked at banning of Native books in Arizona

Photo: Ethnic Studies students march in honor of Martin Luther King today, Monday, in Tucson, protesting the decision by Tucson schools to forbid Mexican American Studies and ban books by Chicano and Native American authors. Photo Brenda Norrell Update: Video interviews with students in the forbidden classes, during today’s Martin Luther King Day rally in Tucson: TUCSON — Simon Ortiz, world acclaimed poet, author and professor, responded to the … Read more Simon Ortiz: Shocked at banning of Native books in Arizona

Protest Media Law in Hungary

I received the following email yesterday, asking for support for Bela Tarr and other Hungarian film artists, organizing resistance to impending legislation in Hungary that would allow the government total control of what the media may or may not make public. I’m appending all the info as well as the letter of support Tarr & friends have been sending out, and the signatures gathered so far. Dear Mr. Joris, I received the attached protest letter … Read more Protest Media Law in Hungary

al-Tahrir Square Protesters’ Declaration

Again via Jadaliyya site, the English translation of the al-Tahrir protesters’ Declaration. Translation thanks to Fida Adely. Declaration: Egyptian Youth Protesting in Midan al-Tahrir First Main Point: The Promises of the President and the Events of February 2 We have been protesting since January 25 and conducting a sit-in in Tahrir (Liberation) Square. We strongly condemn the brutal attack that was undertaken by the mercenaries of the national party against … Read more al-Tahrir Square Protesters’ Declaration

The Poetry of Revolt

Drawing again on the excellent Jadaliyya site here are the opening paragraphs of an article speaking to the poetry — not meant metaphorically — that the Egyptian uprising is giving birth to: The Poetry of Revolt by Elliott Colla It is truly inspiring to see the bravery of Egyptians as they rise up to end the criminal rule of Hosni Mubarak. It is especially inspiring to remember that what is happening is … Read more The Poetry of Revolt

Dead-Enders on the Potomac

Here are the opening paragraphs of a just published editorial on MERIP (The Middle East Report). You can read the rest of the excellent analysis here. From the Editors January 29, 2011 Every US administration has its mouthpiece in Washington’s think tank world, its courtier that will slavishly praise its every utterance. For the blessedly bygone Bush administration, that echo chamber was the American Enterprise Institute and the neo-conservative … Read more Dead-Enders on the Potomac

Liu Xiabobo @ 55

Today is Chinese poet, writer, activist and Nobel Peace Prize winner Liu Xiabobo‘s 55th birthday, which he ‘celebrates’ in jail. Below a poem of his written 9 April 1999, reprinted today in the German newspaper Tageszeitung in a German translation by Martin Winter, on which I base my version. Wait for me with the Dust (For my wife, who is waiting for me) There’s nothing left for you to … Read more Liu Xiabobo @ 55

The Inhumane Conditions of Bradley Manning’s Detention

Glenn Greenwald’s report in Salon: Reuters/Jonathon Burch/AP/Salon (updated below – Update II) Bradley Manning, the 22-year-old U.S. Army Private accused of leaking classified documents to WikiLeaks, has never been convicted of that crime, nor of any other crime.  Despite that, he has been detained at the U.S. Marine brig in Quantico, Virginia for five months — and for two months before that in a military jail in Kuwait — … Read more The Inhumane Conditions of Bradley Manning’s Detention

Morocco mourns Political Activist Abraham Serfaty

[Reuters/Jean Blondin] Abraham Serfaty spent decades campaigning for human rights in Morocco. Via, here is an article by NAOUFEL CHERKAOUI on the passing of a major Moroccan figure: Moroccan Jewish political activist Abraham Serfaty died on Thursday (November 18th) in a Marrakech hospital at the age of 84. He was known to be one of the strongest dissidents against the regime of the late King Hassan II, and … Read more Morocco mourns Political Activist Abraham Serfaty