Widespread and Complex Climatic Changes

Anthropogenic aerosol optical depth (AOD) in the period 2001-2003 for four seasons. AOD is an index for the fraction of sunlight intercepted by particles and total aerosol concentration in the vertical column. Click to enlarge. Source: UNEP Widespread and Complex Climatic Changes Outlined in New UNEP Project Atmospheric Brown Cloud Report Cities from Beijing to New Delhi are getting darker, glaciers in ranges like the Himalayas are melting faster … Read more Widespread and Complex Climatic Changes

Methane Spike

Global-warming methane spiked in 2007 12:52 30 October 2008NewScientist.com news serviceNew Scientist staff and Reuters Levels of climate-warming methane – a greenhouse gas 25 times as potent as carbon dioxide – rose abruptly in Earth’s atmosphere last year, and we don’t know why. The concentration of methane, the primary component of natural gas, in the atmosphere has more than doubled since pre-industrial times, but remained largely stable over the … Read more Methane Spike

Global warming time bomb trapped in Arctic soil

PARIS (AFP) – Climate change could release unexpectedly huge stores of carbon dioxide from Arctic soils, which would in turn fuel a vicious circle of global warming, a new study warned Sunday. And according to one commentary on the research, current models of climate change have not taken this extra source of greenhouse gas into account. Scientists have long known that organic carbon trapped inside a blanket of frozen … Read more Global warming time bomb trapped in Arctic soil