Al-Ahram’s Special Issue

The 25 January Revolution (Special issue) Egypt, after birth pangs The showdown over the future of the country is far from over. Assem El-Kersh discusses the prospects and implications 25, 28 Youssef Rakha on the first two Days Cyber revolution Mohamed Abdel-Baky reports on the role of Internet activists in instigating protests Testimony from Tahrir Gerard O’Neill once said: “Here is my advice as we begin the century that will … Read more Al-Ahram’s Special Issue

Eric Hobsbawm, Vindicated

Excellent interview with the last of our great Marxist historians — Eric Hobsbawm — in the Guardian a couple days ago. Below the opening shots — you can read the whole thing here. Tristram Hunt: At the heart of this book, is there a sense of vindication? That even if the solutions once offered by Karl Marx might no longer be relevant, he was asking the right questions about … Read more Eric Hobsbawm, Vindicated