Ballard, Sinclair, Place & the Novel (Where's Poetry?)

Came across a fascinating essay on PLACE in contemporary British writing by David Cunningham on a Ballardian website — extracted below, full essay can be read here. The piece goes to the novel, rather than to poetry, although Charles Olson, Eric Mottram & Allen Fisher are briefly paid lip-service. Which may be a shame in the end, as the rather clear opposition between Iain Sinclair’s mytho-poetic fascination with place … Read more Ballard, Sinclair, Place & the Novel (Where's Poetry?)

Chinese writers defy book fair ban

Via Deutsche Welle, the opening paras of an article on how the organizers of the largest yearly bookfair, the Frankfurt Bookfair, caved in to the political demands of the Beijing government & how the writers reacted. You can read the complete article here. The Chinese government succeeded in getting them banned, but it seems it can’t stop them coming: Dissident writers Bei Ling and Dai Qing are preparing to … Read more Chinese writers defy book fair ban

The medium is English

Trying to catch up with my various magazine, print & online, readings, which is of course impossible. But here’s a worthwhile piece from my favorite online Euro-source, sign&sight, talking to Euro divisions (French/British, really) as to what an intellectual is or should be or could be. It is Naomi Buck, a Canadian freelance journalist and editor of who is based in Berlin, answering Timothy Garton Ash in an … Read more The medium is English

Tahar Djaout — 14 years already

Fourteen years ago already! It was on 26 May 1993 that the Algerian poet & novelist Tahar Djaout was gunned down as he left his house in the morning to go to his job at the University (he would remain in a coma until his death on 2 June). The Islamic fundamentalists had started the previous year on their all out crusade to gain power in Algeria, and core … Read more Tahar Djaout — 14 years already