Clayton Eshleman in Huffington Post

Today’s Huffington Post publishes an interview with Clayton Eshleman in the context of Anis Shivani‘s series on the state of US poetry now. Check it our here. Further down the page you can read similar interviews with Annie Finch and Ron Silliman (all too short, all of them, to get a real in depth sense of things, unhappily — but I guess that’s the format of journalism).

Sakineh Ashtian’s Attorney Interviewed in Oslo

The Huffington Post publishes an interview by Bernard Henri Lévy with Mohamad Mostafei, the lawyer of Sakineh Ashtian, the Iranian woman condemned to death by stoning by the Iranian clergy. Mostafei has been forced to give up the case and leave the country to save his own life and that of his family. Below, the opening paras of the interview; you can read the full thing here. Interesting too … Read more Sakineh Ashtian’s Attorney Interviewed in Oslo

Nicole Peyrafitte Interview & ore, I Mean More…

The online New York mag published an interview with Nicole Peyrafitte this past week. The interviewer is  Dan Godston and he starts with the following two tidbits: DG: How long have you been creating art? NP: For as long as I can remember — I always sang, drew, cooked, danced, made collages, and took pictures. I started organizing performances when I was about six or seven years old. … Read more Nicole Peyrafitte Interview & ore, I Mean More…

PJ Interview

An interview I gave in 2008 to Belgian poet-scholar Peter Cockelbergh — and which was first published in a shortened Dutch version in the magazine Yang — has now been published in toto & in English in  nY website en tijdschrift voor literatuur, kritiek & amusement. You can read it all here, and an extract is given below. This interview with Pierre Joris titled ‘Lignes de fugues / Lettres … Read more PJ Interview

Charles Bernstein Interview

An excellent interview by Jay Sanders with Charles Bernstein in the new issue of BOMB, the occasion being the publication of Bernstein’s new volume of selected poems, All the Whiskey in Heaven; Here’s an extract: JS: In your and your poetic peers’ early work, you feel that intensity of purpose, of provocation, amidst what was perceived as a staid poetic and political climate. Drawing on peculiar inspirations and tactics, … Read more Charles Bernstein Interview

Kaurab Magazine: Rothenberg Interview & Millennium Anthology Review

The latest installment of the English edition of the Bengali online literary magazine Kaurab has an lovely interview of Jerome Rothenberg by Mark Weiss as well as an excellent review of volume one of Poems for the Millennium by Tyrone Williams (oh, btw Tyrone, your inklings re Faber & Faber hit the nail on the head). Extracts of these can be read below. Kaurab is generally excellent — a … Read more Kaurab Magazine: Rothenberg Interview & Millennium Anthology Review

"Would you want an idea for a friend?"

This morning Charlotte Mandell reminds us of an interview Brad Morrow did with Robert Kelly back in 1987 and that is now available in the Conjunctions website’s archives. It is quite a treat — & here is one of the bits I liked specially: MORROW: You must be aware of Pound’s dictum that all a writer’s thoughts can be gathered onto half a page, and the rest is simply … Read more "Would you want an idea for a friend?"

Herzog on Eisner, Avatar, the Spanish Inquisition y mas…

signandsight just published the translation of an interesting interview (first in Die Zeit) with German movie-maker Werner Herzog; below, the opening paras — you can read the whole thing here. In fact, my favorite bit comes later in the interview, so I’ll reproduce it here, out of context, for the hell of it: “Herzog: I have absolutely no interest in psychology. Interviewer: Why not? Because I am convinced that … Read more Herzog on Eisner, Avatar, the Spanish Inquisition y mas…

Conversation with Raoul Vaneigem

Alerted to this by Mak Thwaite’s excellent ReadySteady blog, here are the opening paras of Hans Ulrich Obrist’s recent interview with Raoul Vaneigem. You can read the full text on the Interactvist site here. Conversation with Raoul Vaneigem Hans Ulrich Obrist Hans Ulrich Obrist: I just visited Edouard Glissant and Patrick Chamoiseau, who have written an appeal to Barack Obama. What would your appeal and/or advice be to Obama? … Read more Conversation with Raoul Vaneigem