Gaza Youth Manifesto

A group of youths — students, in the main — from the Gaza strip have published the following Manifesto, picked up by the Guardian in the UK from which I reprint it. You can also follow them on facebook. Writes the Guardian:”On Facebook, the group calls itself Gaza Youth Breaks Out. When the cyber-activists wrote the manifesto three weeks ago, they gave themselves a year to gather enough support … Read more Gaza Youth Manifesto

Gaza: Between the Fence & a Hard Place

Yesterday I was reading the forthcoming translation of Mahmoud Darwish‘s first — 1973 — collection of prose essays on Palestine. This is an extremely moving book, and I will come back to it when it is published in the late fall. In one of the pieces, called “Silence for the Sake of Gaza,” written nearly forty years ago, we read: “It would be unfair to turn Gaza into a … Read more Gaza: Between the Fence & a Hard Place

Tony Judt (1948 -2010)

Tony Judt died of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis –  Lou Gehrig’s disease — on Saturday. Over the years I have  immensely enjoyed the historian’s brilliant and insightful essays (at times acerbic-romantic, at times outrageous-calmly British)  Of course I have not always agreed with his stances, intellectual or historical. Let me just mention along those lines of disagreement his claim that the 70ies were an intellectually disastrous period in France because … Read more Tony Judt (1948 -2010)

Two or Three French Takes

At Drouot’s in Paris (the French equivalent of Sothby’s or Christie’s) a big literary sale has just taken place: The manuscript of Jacques Prévert’s “Quai des brumes” (the 150-page scenario of the film directed by Marcel Carné in 1938) was bought by the “musée des lettres et manuscripts” on boulevard Saint-Germain in Paris for 557,640 euros. The manuscript of what may be Prévert most famous song lyrics, “Feuilles mortes” … Read more Two or Three French Takes

Alternate News re Israeli Acts of Piracy in International Water

The New York Times (the rag they call the “paper of record”) after 48 hours of holding its journalistic guns has come out blazing away… at the people attacked by Israeli commandos on the high seas in a blatant act of piracy, because, the NYT has “discovered” that the Turkish militants involved with the Free Gaza movement are supposedly not only horrible radical Islamic “fundamentalists” (as is of course … Read more Alternate News re Israeli Acts of Piracy in International Water


JOIN US FOR A MOVING PROCESSION TO PROTEST THE 2010 ANNUAL NY GALA DINNER OF THE FRIENDS OF THE ISRAEL DEFENSE FORCES (IDF) NO to the IDF’s brutality! NO to the Occupation and Siege of Gaza! YES to the Goldstone Report! YES to Justice for the Palestinian People! Tuesday, March 9, 5:00 PM Meet at 53rd St and Lexington Ave Please let us provide the signs in order to … Read more A MOVING PROCESSION TO PROTEST IDF GALA DINNER

New York Times' Ethan Bronner's Conflict of Interest

The Electronic Intifada broke an important story about the New York Times, and Alison Weir has written the following commentary on it, posted on her blog. I felt the readers of NOMADICS would want to read this: New York Times’ Ethan Bronner’s Conflict of Interest: Conversation with Bronner and Alternative News Sources The Electronic Intifada has just broken the story that the son of Ethan Bronner, the New York … Read more New York Times' Ethan Bronner's Conflict of Interest