Denis Roche (1937-2015)

Oh, Denis has called it splitsville! Sadness, a drag — A bright, witty, generous man, sharp as a tack — & absolutely not known enough here in the US. Roche, who started in the surrounds of Tel Quel, is a major writer, an excellent translator (some of Pound’s Cantos, ee cummings, etc.) & photographer. He is also the founding editor of Fiction & Co, one of the very best & most eclectic … Read more Denis Roche (1937-2015)

World Shakespeare and the ‘Arab Spring’

via the excellent Arab Literature (in English): BY MLYNXQUALEY on AUGUST 28, 2015 • ( 0 ) “Who’s Shakespeare?” a character asks in a new translation of Tunisian-Swedish writer Jonas Hassan Khemiri’s Invasion: Arab adaptations and appropriations of the bard are numerous; Margaret Litvin, Saffron Walkling, and ArabLit’s Raphael Cormack look at three (Tunisian, Iraqi, and Palestinian) in her recently published “Full of noises: when ‘World Shakespeare’ met the ‘Arab Spring.’” The publication … Read more World Shakespeare and the ‘Arab Spring’

‘Many, Many Works of Wonder’: Beyond the Classic Classics

via the always great Arabic Literature (in English) BY MLYNXQUALEY on JULY 14, 2015 • ( 0 ) The fifth session of “A Corpus Not a Canon: A Workshop on the Library of Arabic Literature,” a panel series hosted by Dame Marina Warner and LAL General Editor Philip Kennedy at All Souls College, Oxford in April, focused on “LAL’s remit, ambition, and complexity.” Philip Kennedy and Richard Sieburth led … Read more ‘Many, Many Works of Wonder’: Beyond the Classic Classics

The Bridge: On North African literature: Pierre Joris & André Naffis-Sahely

Bridge Series and the PEN Translation Committee invites you to PEN American Center‘s event: The Bridge: On North African literature: Pierre Joris & André Naffis-Sahely Wednesday, April 15 at 7:00pm in EDT McNally Jackson Books in New York, New York Join poets and translators Pierre Joris and André Naffis-Sahely to hear their translations of noted North African writers, from the Prix Goncourt-winning Moroccan author Abdellatif Laâbi to the Algerian poet, … Read more The Bridge: On North African literature: Pierre Joris & André Naffis-Sahely

Sinan Antoon First to Win Saif Ghobash Banipal Prize for Self-translation

Via  Arabic Literature (in English). BY MLYNXQUALEY on JANUARY 20, 2015 • ( 2 ) Iraqi novelist, poet, and translator Sinan Antoon has won the Saif Ghobash Banipal Prize for Arabic Literary Translation for bringing his own novel, The Corpse Washer, into English: The 2014 prize was awarded to Antoon for his translation of hisThe Corpse Washer, originally titled The Pomegranate Alone and published by Yale University Press in 2013. Meanwhile, Paula Haydar got a “highly … Read more Sinan Antoon First to Win Saif Ghobash Banipal Prize for Self-translation

Happy 80th, Jürgen Ploog!

Jürgen Ploog, maybe the best & most adventurous of the German cut-up & collage writers — with Carl Weissner (1940-2012) — turned 80 on Friday. For 33 years a long-distance pilot for Lufthansa (I remember a photo of him with typewriter in cockpit), he has been a cosmonaut of inner & outer space for even longer and his books, from Cola Hinterland (1969) to Unterwegssein ist alles (2011) have been consistent mappings of mental, sexual, cultural … Read more Happy 80th, Jürgen Ploog!

Alain Veinstein’s Final Broadcast

In the early eighties I moved from London (impossible to make the rent in Thatcherite England) to Paris where I found freelance employment as radio-author, commentator, translator and other guises at France Culture (I still listen to that station nearly every night). The people who had just recently revolutionized those French cultural airwaves were the poet Alain Veinstein (by founding the superb nightly program Les Nuits Magnétiques in 1978) and … Read more Alain Veinstein’s Final Broadcast

Ken Irby @ 78!

Yesterday was Ken Irby’s 78th birthday, and I’m extremely happy to announce that the Jacket2 special feature (edited by Kyle Waugh & Billy Joe Harris) is now live. Happy Birthday, Ken! This feature devoted to the work of Kenneth Irby collects a number of papers delivered at the 2011 colloquium devoted to Irby in Lawrence, Kansas, along with new essays by Robert Bertholf, Dale Smith, Matthew Hofer, and others; a chronology, a poem … Read more Ken Irby @ 78!

Jörg Fauser

On this day, back in 1987, my old friend the German writer Jörg Fauser died, hit by a car. There isn’t much available in English, but check here & here. Way back when — very early 70s — I translated bits & pieces of his prose for underground magazines, but have no copies or docs of all that left. Like Jörg all his life, I was a beat-inspired Burroughs-devotee wanderer … Read more Jörg Fauser