West Bank, Gaza: même combat!

While Gaza has barely buried its dead, rumbles of new confrontations are being heard. Meanwhile, back in the USA, I was surprised by a segment on Palestine aired by one of the big Networks, CBS television, in it’s most prestigious news show, “60 Minutes.” It was one of the rare big media shows that was seriously critical of Israeli policy. Very worthwhile checking watching: Watch CBS Videos Online And … Read more West Bank, Gaza: même combat!

The Pornography of Horror

The following are the opening paragraphs (in my quick translation) of an op-ed piece by Tunisian poet, essayist & philosopher Abdelwahab Medded. First broadcast on Medi-1 Radio from Tangiers on 01.03.09 (where Meddeb has a weekly op-ed spot), it was then picked up by the Frankfurter Rundschau (German translation here) and will appear soon in Le Monde. The turn of the year made for days of sadness. This sadness, … Read more The Pornography of Horror

And There Lie the Bodies

[This post had been prepared & was supposed to have been posted automatically on Thursday 8 January. For some unknown reason it did not materialize. So I’m reposting it today. A post with text by Abdelwahab Meddeb which was supposed to post yesterday has also not shown up online as expected. I will repost it as soon as I have recreated it. My apologies.] Here, the opening paragraphs of … Read more And There Lie the Bodies