Deleuze on Whitehead & Leibniz (2)

[Part 2: Everything is event ] Everything is event, yes, including the great pyramid, says Whitehead. Even from the perspective of style, he’s quite Leibnizian. Generally, we consider an event as a category of very special things, for example, I go out into the street and get run over by a bus. It’s an event. But the great pyramid is not an event. At most, I would say, well … Read more Deleuze on Whitehead & Leibniz (2)

Deleuze on Whitehead & Leibniz

As I am reading through a range of Charles Olson’s writing in this, his centenary year, his favorite philosopher, Alfred North Whitehead, of course has been coming to mind again — although I haven’t come across anything new on him as yet in what I have seen of the Centennial occasions. Maybe something will come to light at some point. A couple days ago, Charles Stivale drew my attention … Read more Deleuze on Whitehead & Leibniz