Edouard Glissant (1928-2011)

from: The Restless Earth   “Promenade of Solitary Death” The sad boy has not moved On a lake of roses, strewn With pale bodies in the rosebushes Funereal bay it has remained The shore hesitates the sea passes The boars are water scourers Black is the sand, the color Is evident in this place The birds here cloak the murky sky with the gray of their takeoffs Such evidence … Read more Edouard Glissant (1928-2011)

Upcoming Poets House Events

North of Invention: A Festival of Canadian Poetry Leading Canadian poets at the cutting edge of contemporary practice address the history of sound poetry and performance, multilingualism, activism and other topics. Co-presented with the Kelly Writers House & funded in part by the Canada Council for the Arts. Saturday, January 22 • 2:00pm Welcome with Charles Bernstein & Sarah Dowling • 2:30pm A Conversation with M. NourbeSe Philip & … Read more Upcoming Poets House Events

The Meridian—Paul Celan

While spending much of the weekend correcting the page proofs of my translation of Paul Celan—The Meridian: Final Version-Drafts-Materials forthcoming in the eponymous collection directed by Werner Hamacher at Stanford University Press, I noticed that the book is already available for pre-ordering from Amazon. Here is the publisher’s description of the book: Originally presented as a speech to the German Academy for Language and Poetry on the occasion of … Read more The Meridian—Paul Celan

Clayton Eshleman in Huffington Post

Today’s Huffington Post publishes an interview with Clayton Eshleman in the context of Anis Shivani‘s series on the state of US poetry now. Check it our here. Further down the page you can read similar interviews with Annie Finch and Ron Silliman (all too short, all of them, to get a real in depth sense of things, unhappily — but I guess that’s the format of journalism).

New Ekleksographia

Friends, Strangers and Fellow Poets, Ahadada Books‘ online journal Ekleksographia presents Wave Three: The France Issue, in memory of Raymond Federman and guest edited by Alexander Dickow, featuring original work and translations by the editor and by Barbara Beck, Philippe Beck, Audrey van de Sandt, Alexis Tchoudnowsky, David Christoffel, Alessandro De Francesco, Noura Wedell, Jennifer K. Dick, Henri Droguet, Raymond Federman, Pierre Le Pillouër, Bruno Fern, Frédéric Forte, Michelle … Read more New Ekleksographia

Leslie Scalapino: Early Books & All Covers

Via Charles Bernstein’s and Ron Silliman’s blogs, here are a number of Leslie Scalapino links, from visuals of her book covers to pdf’s of her early work. And before those links, here is the first poem in the first  book Leslie published: UP THERE Up there, above my head, the ceiling of my room is cream-colored. Just as the underbelly of a fish fits neatly to the fish’s back, … Read more Leslie Scalapino: Early Books & All Covers

New Issue of "Damn The Caesars" Just Out

NEW WRITING Michael Basinski & Ginny O’Brien • Chris Goode on Basinski • Keston Sutherland • Justin Katko • Emily Critchley • Luke Roberts • Francesca Lisette • Dale Smith • Geoffrey Gatza • Josh Stanley • Frances Kruk • David Hadbawnik • Lisa Forrest • Carrie Etter • Francis Crot • Rosa Alcalá FEATURE New writing and 6 full-color visual pieces from Allen Fisher followed by an extended … Read more New Issue of "Damn The Caesars" Just Out

The Vincent Ferrini-Charles Olson Writer's Center

Please help open this door. Create cultural history today. We are so close to purchasing Vincent Ferrini’s  126 East Main Street studio in Gloucester and transforming it into the Vincent Ferrini-Charles Olson Writers Center. Please send your tax-exempt donation to the Charles Olson Society. Click here and Donate today.

Lost & found: CUNY Initiative

Lost & Found: The Amiri Baraka/Edward Dorn Correspondence The Kenneth Koch/Frank O’Hara Letters: Selections Muriel Rukeyser: Darwin & the Writers Philip Whalen’s Journals: Selections Robert Creeley: Contexts of Poetry, with selections from Daphne Marlatt’s Journals the  inaugural chapbook series in LOST & FOUND The CUNY Poetics Document Initiative Lost & Found is a publication project emerging from archival and textual scholarship done by students at The Graduate Center, with … Read more Lost & found: CUNY Initiative