Lost & found: CUNY Initiative

Lost & Found: The Amiri Baraka/Edward Dorn Correspondence The Kenneth Koch/Frank O’Hara Letters: Selections Muriel Rukeyser: Darwin & the Writers Philip Whalen’s Journals: Selections Robert Creeley: Contexts of Poetry, with selections from Daphne Marlatt’s Journals the  inaugural chapbook series in LOST & FOUND The CUNY Poetics Document Initiative Lost & Found is a publication project emerging from archival and textual scholarship done by students at The Graduate Center, with … Read more Lost & found: CUNY Initiative

Issue # 1 of BARZAKH Online Now!

Happy to announce BARZAKH, a new online magazine of writing & poetics. The first issue just went online & you can read it here. Issue # 1 includes work by Alice Notley & Ted Berrigan,  Barbara Jane Reyes, Michel Deguy, Latasha N. Nevada Diggs, Robert Kelly, Jerome Rothenberg, Habib Tengour, Jed Rasula, Edwin Torres, Rodrigo Toscano, and more. The magazine comes out of the English Department at the University … Read more Issue # 1 of BARZAKH Online Now!

Charles Bernstein Interview

An excellent interview by Jay Sanders with Charles Bernstein in the new issue of BOMB, the occasion being the publication of Bernstein’s new volume of selected poems, All the Whiskey in Heaven; Here’s an extract: JS: In your and your poetic peers’ early work, you feel that intensity of purpose, of provocation, amidst what was perceived as a staid poetic and political climate. Drawing on peculiar inspirations and tactics, … Read more Charles Bernstein Interview

Boxing Day 09 Favorite Books List

& the winner (aka my favorite favorite book of the year) is: Kenneth Irby THE INTENT ON Collected Poems, 1962- 2006 672 pages; hardcover; gorgeous Thorpe Feidt painting on cover; designed by Jonathan Greene; $40. North Atlantic Books Poetry Douglas Rothschild, Theogony. subpress. Dave Brinks, The Caveat Onus, meditations. Black Widow Press. kari edwards, Bharat jiva. Belladodonna/Litmus. Jerome Rothenberg, Gematria Complete. Marick Press. Stacy Szymaszek, Hyperglossia, Litmus Press. Robert Kelly, … Read more Boxing Day 09 Favorite Books List

An interesting Poetics Booklist for Late Shoppers…

…via Amazon —  Happy hols, i.e. good reading… Essential Guides to Contemporary Poetics A Listmania! list by Katerina Varga (Montreal, Canada) Share with Friends 1.  The Material of Poetry: Sketches for a Philosophical Poetics (Georgia Southern University Jack N. and Addie D. Averitt Lecture Series) by Gerald L. Bruns $26.95   Used & New from: $16.91 Create your own Listmania! with this product 2.  Disjunctive Poetics: From Gertrude Stein and Louis Zukofsky to … Read more An interesting Poetics Booklist for Late Shoppers…

Just out: Nicole Brossard by Nicole Brossard

Just published by the University of California Press in the Poets for the Millennium series: Nicole Brossard Selections by Nicole Brossard Introduction by Jennifer Moxley Poets for the Millennium, 7 A Simpson Book in the Humanities $55.00, £37.95 hardcover 9780520261075 Available Now $22.95, £15.95 paperback 9780520261082 Available Now 252 pages, 5-1/2 x 8-1/4 inches, 15 b/w photographs January 2010, Available worldwide Also in: Women’s Studies “Pleasure,” Jennifer Moxley writes in … Read more Just out: Nicole Brossard by Nicole Brossard

George Fragopoulos On Mahmoud Darwish

One of the better essays on the work of Mahmoud Darwish in this country was recently published in The Quarterly Conversation on-line magazine. I am reproducing a section of the essay below; you can read the full essay here. Tracing Mahmoud Darwish’s Map Essay by George Fragopoulos — Published on December 7, 2009 • more articles by this author • more articles about this publisher • Read more about: … Read more George Fragopoulos On Mahmoud Darwish

Miles, Corbin, Kelly, Greenland, etcetera.

Miles Joris-Peyrafitte has a new band called  St. Jacques. They’re just back from the studio where they recorded two songs they call “The Fear of Landing” — you can hear them here! * * * For the last 2 weeks or so I have been exchanging thoughts & emails with Tom Cheetham, the Corbin scholar, mainly on the concept of Ta’wil in poetics. Tom has now put a good … Read more Miles, Corbin, Kelly, Greenland, etcetera.

This & That

On Jalel El Gharbi’s blog, a review by Giulio-Enrico Pisani of my most recent book of poems, Aljibar II. For those who read French. Bilingual edition available in this country from ta’wil productions. * * * On Anny Ballardini’s NarcissusWorks blog a review-announcement for Louis Armand’s excellent volume of essays Contemporary Poetics. * * * And  check out this excellent  interview of CA Conrad by Eileen Myles at the … Read more This & That

Amiri Baraka's 75th Birthday Celebrations

Photo by Chris Funkhouser It’s a shame that most freedom fighters are usually recognized after they’re gone. We have the opportunity to celebrate a man who has stood up for  justice and equality then and now!!!!!! Amiri Baraka’s 75th Birthday Celebrations Greetings All! Please join us for a series of events planned in recognition of poet, author, playwright and community activist Amiri Baraka’s 75th Birthday! Various events around the … Read more Amiri Baraka's 75th Birthday Celebrations