Robert Kelly Celebratory Reading @ Bard

Robert Kelly Celebrating 50 Years as Bard’s Bard   A reading by Robert Kelly, Asher B. Edelman Professor of Literature and a luminous presence at Bard College since 1961   with special guests Robin Freund-Epstein, piano and Shawn Moore ’11, violin.   Thursday, April 21st 7:00 p.m. Olin Hall   A reception in Olin Atrium follows the reading Free and open to the public *** Also check out the … Read more Robert Kelly Celebratory Reading @ Bard

Logic of the World: The Poetics of Robert Kelly

Logic of the World CELEBRATING ROBERT KELLY’S 75TH BIRTHDAY & HIS 50 YEARS TEACHING AT BARD COLLEGE SATURDAY, MAY 7, 2011 FROM 10 AM – 5 PM ANTHOLOGY FILM ARCHIVES MAYA DEREN ROOM, 32 SECOND AVE, NEW YORK, NY TALKS, READINGS, AND PERFORMANCES BY: Vyt Bakaitis | Phong Bui | Mary Caponegro | Carey Harrison | Michael Ives | Pierre Joris | Jonas Mekas | Tom Meyer | Nicole … Read more Logic of the World: The Poetics of Robert Kelly

Granada Poesie II

Program continued… WEDNESDAY, 16 FEBRUARY 10:00 – 12:00 AM OPEN-MIC POETRY READING Place: Book and Crafts Fair Coordinator: Poet Victor Chavarría 10:00 AM – 12:30 PM ROUNDTABLE ON THE LIFE AND WORK OF POET CLARIBEL ALEGRIA; PRESENTATION OF HER ANTHOLOGY BY POET LUIS ROCHA NICARAGUAN CENTER OF WRITERS (CNE) Place: San Francisco Convent (Hall of Arches) Presentations by poets: Gioconda Belli, Blanca Castellón, Ileana Rodriguez, Nicasio Urbina and Miguel … Read more Granada Poesie II

On & By Blanchot

Here is my contribution — a brief remembrance of buying my first Blanchot book in Paris & a reading from The Unavowable Community —to the Maurice Blanchot Celebrations at Bard College in November 2007. Others will follow. Charlotte Mandell has been working on getting all of them up on YouTube. Thanks be given to her.

He Gone? No, He Back!

Didn’t know what was wrong with New York this last month, but it felt uncanny, unheimlich, no one saying savvy rude things to you or the guy next to you, no one slapping you on the back calling you names or complaining about this or that as you enter Katz’s, no one offering unasked for wise-crack put downs with that unmistakable faint Brooklynese (rhymes with pekinese) people here speak … Read more He Gone? No, He Back!

VII Festival de Poesía en Nicaragua

Anuncian VII Festival de Poesía en Nicaragua MANAGUA—La Fundación Festival Internacional de Poesía anunció al martes que su VII edición se celebrará entre el 13 y el 17 de febrero próximo en Granada, al este de Managua, con la presencia de unos 150 poetas de más de 50 países.”Quien quiera saber cómo está la poesía en el mundo que asista al festival”, dijo el poeta nicaragüense Francisco de Asís … Read more VII Festival de Poesía en Nicaragua

An Evening with Adonis

Monday, November 1, 7:00pm Poets House River Terrace New York, 10282 (212) 431-7920 A Mirror for the Twentieth Century: An Evening with Adonis Born in Syria in 1930, Adonis is one of the most revered and influential poets of the Arabic-speaking world. In honor of his 80th birthday, Adonis reads in Arabic from the new English translation (by Khaled Mattawa) of his Selected Poems with Pierre Joris and Marilyn … Read more An Evening with Adonis

Trialogues @ Local 269

Monday August 23rd 8PM TRIALOGUES Nicole Peyrafitte / Pierre Joris / Michael Bisio (bass) THE LOCAL 269 269 E Houston Street NYC Trialogues are improvised collaborative exchanges inside a set time limit between 3 protagonists unconditionallydedicated to their chosen mode of expression: Joris to his nomadic poetry in its wandering, rhizomatic explorations; Peyrafitte to her nourishing, sensual, campy and scintillating multi-layered vocal range & texts ; Bisio to the … Read more Trialogues @ Local 269