Celan in Australia, & Heidegger Again

Friend Warren Burt alerted me to a radio program on Paul Celan & Martin Heidegger just broadcast by ABC: A message in a bottle: encounters with Paul Celan and Martin Heidegger. It’s just streaming audio at the moment — click here —, but by mid-week, it should be available as a free mp3 download as well. I listened to a good part of it and it seems interesting & … Read more Celan in Australia, & Heidegger Again

That Old New British Poetry Scene

Came across an interesting piece by Kent Johnson on the new British Poetry scene on the digital emunction site — with the discussion that follows as interesting as what started it. At the same time it gave me a certain sense of déjà-vu, as if the US (& other places too) always-already-again had to (re)discover only to immediately forget the fact that excellent, experimental, avant, post-avant — or whatever … Read more That Old New British Poetry Scene

Amiri Baraka's 75th Birthday Celebrations

Photo by Chris Funkhouser It’s a shame that most freedom fighters are usually recognized after they’re gone. We have the opportunity to celebrate a man who has stood up for  justice and equality then and now!!!!!! Amiri Baraka’s 75th Birthday Celebrations Greetings All! Please join us for a series of events planned in recognition of poet, author, playwright and community activist Amiri Baraka’s 75th Birthday! Various events around the … Read more Amiri Baraka's 75th Birthday Celebrations

Miyazawa Kenji, Selections by Hiroaki Sato — a Review

Miyazawa Kenji, Selections (review on Australia’s ABC Radio national program “The Book Show” Presented by Ramona Koval) You’ve heard of the slow food movement, but perhaps there should be a slow-reading movement too. Some books are meant to be read slowly, and this is what Matt Crosby found when he was reading the collection of poetry by Miyazawa Kenji. Matt Crosby is an actor who’s performed in Japan in … Read more Miyazawa Kenji, Selections by Hiroaki Sato — a Review

Bill Lavender's Transfixion

Very pleased to have Transfixion, Bill Lavender’s new book just out from Garrett County & Trembling Pillow Presses, in hand. As I say in the blurb I wrote for Transfixion: “This is sharp swish writing in tongues forked twixt Horace and Lorca and everyman & woman you have or have never met. I call it a gift that keeps giving ‘to see, to understand or think immediately.’ Keep smiling, … Read more Bill Lavender's Transfixion

Robert Kelly @ Zinc

Caught Robert Kelly last night reading at the Zinc Bar — but unhappily I had to miss most of Kimberley Lyons’ reading (those reworkings of Shakespearean sonnets were terrific, Kim!) as I had an appointment uptown. Here is an extract of the Kelly reading, the opening section consisting of parts from a “Letter to Jennifer Moxley.” RK-LetterMoxley1 Interestingly also, this morning Mark Twaithe on his excellent ReadySteadyBooks blog points … Read more Robert Kelly @ Zinc

Sax, Soup, Poetry & Voice

Just released by the Sanctuary for Independent Media in Troy, NY:  Sax, Soup, Poetry & Voice Nicole Peyrafitte (voice & soup), Pierre Joris (poetry), Joe Giardullo (saxophone) the DVD of the performance/concert given in November 2007. It is available through Ta’wil Productions for $5 (i.e. handling & shipping costs)! Below, my poem-recipe for cooking hare, or rabbit, as the case may be, & Nicole’s recipe for the one she … Read more Sax, Soup, Poetry & Voice

KRCB Tribute to David Bromige

Two weeks ago on Wednesday night at 7 p.m. Pacific Daylight Time on KRCB, in Santa Rosa CA, Katherine Hastings presented a one-hour tribute to the late great poet David Bromige, “the author of dozens of books and the recipient of many literary honors, David Bromige was also a former Poet Laureate of Sonoma County, a professor at Sonoma State University, and a mentor to many. His experimental style … Read more KRCB Tribute to David Bromige

Lodève (5): Souad Salem

Here a video of Libyan poet Souad Salem reading one of her works. I should have a translation of the poem up tomorrow. The festival’s poet’s bio-notes gives only this: “Born in Tripoli (Libya) in 1966, she has a Masters in Economics & is assistant chief-editor of the magazine “The House.” She contributes regularly to a range of Arab newspapers and magazines and is active in the Women’s Rights … Read more Lodève (5): Souad Salem