Multilingual Videodictionary of Sign Languages + Lacan-quote

Listening this morning to the great Barbara Cassin — author of a magnificent Dictionary of Untranslatables and more recently of Eloge de la Traduction: Compliquer l’universel — talking about translation on France Culture, I heard her mentioning a video about sign languages by Nurith Aviv & Emmanuelle Laborit,  called Signer en langues /Signing in Languages that was part of an exhibition on translation Cassin curated at the Marseilles Mucem-Musée des civilisations … Read more Multilingual Videodictionary of Sign Languages + Lacan-quote

On Black Mountain College: Pierre Joris interviewed by Charles Dantzig

For his France Culture radio programme Secret professionnel, today, 7/2 at 2p.m. EST on France Culture or podcast here: Quel est le secret professionnel du Black Mountain College, nous recevons pour en parler Pierre Joris, écrivain, poète, traducteur, essayiste.   Le premier bâtiment du Black Mountain College, utilisé de 1933 à 1941• Crédits : Howard Morland Il y a plusieurs modèles d’éducation. L’éducation à la française été encasernée par Napoléon … Read more On Black Mountain College: Pierre Joris interviewed by Charles Dantzig

Almayer’s Folly, Ecstasy & Exile.

[Because of the Brett Stephens—NYT stuff, I put this post on back burner, so it is 4 days late. But here goes:] Today in 1895 — no, yesterday, by the time you’ll read this, i.e. on 29 April — Joseph Conrad’s first novel, Almayer’s Folly, was published in London. As another continental European & nomad who decided to write in English rather than in his mother-tongue, Conrad has always been … Read more Almayer’s Folly, Ecstasy & Exile.

The New York Times & Bret Stephens

We have just now cancelled our subscription to the New York Times. While we had no illusions as to the reactionary sides of the NYT, & despite some valuable reporting in the age of Trump, the “newspaper of record”’s hiring this past week of Bret Stephens, a rabid climate change denier, was the last straw: no more NYT in our house! Asked about this hiring, the  paper offered a stunning defense: … Read more The New York Times & Bret Stephens

“Un nouveau monde:” di Manno & Garron’s Anthology of French poetry 1960-2012

Below, the opening paras of a useful review, to say the least, of what looks like the major anthology of French poetry since 1960. I haven’t gotten ahold of the book yet, but both anthologizers, Yves di Manno & Isabelle Garron, are excellent poet-scholars, so I am confident of their collaboration. Interestingly enough, it would seem that one of the angles from where they go at evaluating the poetry of that … Read more “Un nouveau monde:” di Manno & Garron’s Anthology of French poetry 1960-2012

Today: New York City Premiere of “As You Are”!

Miles Joris-Peyrafitte’s award-winning feature As You Are premieres  tonight at 7 p.m. in New York at the Village East Cinema. Further showtimes & tickets here. Reviews: “As You Are Is an Indie Dream that Smells Like Teen Spirit”: Vanity Fair. “As You Are Summons the Confused Intensity of Teen Friendships on the Verge of Becoming More:” Village Voice. “INTERVIEW: Director Miles Joris-Peyrafitte puts new spin on coming-of-age story” Hollywood Soapbox. “The Trailer for … Read more Today: New York City Premiere of “As You Are”!

“For Orpheus”

A choral piece by composer William Brooks, commissioned by The Crossing as a part of “Jeff Quartets”, a concert in memory of Jeff Dinsmore. Original poem by Pierre Joris, also commissioned by The Crossing. Here is the poem: Jeff Dinsmore Acrostic Elegy Like Orpheus, for you, Jeff, we finger the strings of life to play in sorrow and dEep choral dismay a plaint of life and death our co-Founders two … Read more “For Orpheus”

Keep Sane: Listen to Music

Given the situation, the need to keep mind on even, working keel is essential — too much reading in the proses of urgency is bad for eyes & mind; close these for a moment but open ears: listen, listen in, listen up, listen down. Ps. I have been listening all day to Matthew Shipp’s Trio latest release: PIANO SONG. It is absolutely gorgeous. Don’t miss it! Haven’t been able to locate any upload … Read more Keep Sane: Listen to Music

Reading List 2016

I was asked to write this piece in late December for the January issue of the Harriet blog The Reading List, a feature of Poetry magazine’s Editors’ Blog, as I had Celan prose translations in the January issue: No matter what else has gone wrong with this year (and much did, obviously, & I won’t dwell on it!), it is going out with a bang: the mailman just handed me today, Tuesday, … Read more Reading List 2016