“Un nouveau monde:” di Manno & Garron’s Anthology of French poetry 1960-2012

Below, the opening paras of a useful review, to say the least, of what looks like the major anthology of French poetry since 1960. I haven’t gotten ahold of the book yet, but both anthologizers, Yves di Manno & Isabelle Garron, are excellent poet-scholars, so I am confident of their collaboration. Interestingly enough, it would seem that one of the angles from where they go at evaluating the poetry of that … Read more “Un nouveau monde:” di Manno & Garron’s Anthology of French poetry 1960-2012

Today: New York City Premiere of “As You Are”!

Miles Joris-Peyrafitte’s award-winning feature As You Are premieres  tonight at 7 p.m. in New York at the Village East Cinema. Further showtimes & tickets here. Reviews: “As You Are Is an Indie Dream that Smells Like Teen Spirit”: Vanity Fair. “As You Are Summons the Confused Intensity of Teen Friendships on the Verge of Becoming More:” Village Voice. “INTERVIEW: Director Miles Joris-Peyrafitte puts new spin on coming-of-age story” Hollywood Soapbox. “The Trailer for … Read more Today: New York City Premiere of “As You Are”!

“For Orpheus”

A choral piece by composer William Brooks, commissioned by The Crossing as a part of “Jeff Quartets”, a concert in memory of Jeff Dinsmore. Original poem by Pierre Joris, also commissioned by The Crossing. Here is the poem: Jeff Dinsmore Acrostic Elegy Like Orpheus, for you, Jeff, we finger the strings of life to play in sorrow and dEep choral dismay a plaint of life and death our co-Founders two … Read more “For Orpheus”

Keep Sane: Listen to Music

Given the situation, the need to keep mind on even, working keel is essential — too much reading in the proses of urgency is bad for eyes & mind; close these for a moment but open ears: listen, listen in, listen up, listen down. Ps. I have been listening all day to Matthew Shipp’s Trio latest release: PIANO SONG. It is absolutely gorgeous. Don’t miss it! Haven’t been able to locate any upload … Read more Keep Sane: Listen to Music

Reading List 2016

I was asked to write this piece in late December for the January issue of the Harriet blog The Reading List, a feature of Poetry magazine’s Editors’ Blog, as I had Celan prose translations in the January issue: No matter what else has gone wrong with this year (and much did, obviously, & I won’t dwell on it!), it is going out with a bang: the mailman just handed me today, Tuesday, … Read more Reading List 2016

Uri Avnery on David Friedman: “Don’t Send Him!”

December 24, 2016 DONALD TRUMP has spat in my face. Not only in my own face, but in the faces of at least half the Israeli population. He has appointed a bankruptcy lawyer named David Friedman to the job of US ambassador in Israel. This sounds like a bad joke. But it is brutal reality. It sets a precedent unknown in the annals of international diplomacy. FIRST OF all, … Read more Uri Avnery on David Friedman: “Don’t Send Him!”

James Koller reads “The Bone Show”

Bertie Koller, son of poet James Koller (1936-2014), sent the following letter to family & friends a few days back to announce the beginning of a project involving publishing online his recordings of his father’s collected works. Here below, his letter & a link to the first installment, the recordings of Jim’s The Bone Show: Dear family & friends, at some point leading up to the winter of 2009/2010 my father, James … Read more James Koller reads “The Bone Show”