Carolee Schneemann Fuses in Salzburg

Fuses from jackie wang on Vimeo. & here the description of her retrospective at the Salzburger Museum der Moderne: Museum der Moderne > Ausstellungen > Aktuell > Carolee Schneemann Kinetic Painting Around 350 works spanning six decades on 18,300 square feet of exhibition space spread across two floors: the highlight of the Museum der Moderne Salzburg’s exhibition programming this fall is a grand retrospective dedicated to the oeuvre of the … Read more Carolee Schneemann Fuses in Salzburg

Misleading appeal just sent by NYPL

PLEASE FORWARD WIDELY! The NYPL has just sent out their annual email asking that people sign a letter to the Mayor  asking him to support the library system.  Buried in the middle of this letter is a misleadingly-worded pledge of support for the Central LIbrary Plan that would demolish the research stacks in the 42nd Street Library, send 1.5 million books to New Jersey, and sell the Mid-Manhattan LIbrary. … Read more Misleading appeal just sent by NYPL

Coney Island Sunday

  & walking along, Hitchcock didn’t come to mind once, but I couldn’t stop thinking of Paul Blackburn‘s strange fixation on gulls, his “never look a gull in the eye,” and his 1949/1951 poem which I’ll take the liberty of reproducing below:   THE BIRDS I want them to come here I want to see them here at this round boulder.                 White spots against the sky, each                 there, a swollen … Read more Coney Island Sunday

San Diego Area Events

UCSD New Writing Series: Pierre Joris and Nicole Peyrafitte Event Type: Poetry Reading Event Date and Time: October 23, 2013 4:30 p.m. – 6:00 p.m. Description: UCSD’s New Writing Series is excited to announce a double reading from Pierre Joris and Nicole Peyrafitte on Wednesday, October 23rd at 4:30 in the SME Performance Space Room. Pierre Joris is the author of over 50 books of poetry, translations, anthologies, & … Read more San Diego Area Events

Roger Denson’s article on “Breaking the Frame”

I may have been at a loss of words yesterday after seeing Breaking the Frame, Marielle Nitoslawska’s superb film on & with Carolee Schneemann, but cultural critic & essayist G. Roger Denson was not. He had a long, well-thought out article in the Huffington Post. Below are the first paragraphs; you can read the whole article here. It is questionable whether even Sigmund Freud has received a cinematic treatment as evocative of … Read more Roger Denson’s article on “Breaking the Frame”