Habermas on Intellectuals

The Austrian paper Der Standard printed the first part of an acceptance speech by German philosopher Jürgen Habermas for the Bruno Kreisky Prize for promoting human rights on 10 March and the second part today; the philosopher starts by discussing the declining prominence of intellectuals through television and the Internet. Here’s the resumé, as given by sightandsoud : On the one hand, the communication shift from books and the … Read more Habermas on Intellectuals

Coiner of "Gonzo" Takes a Taxi

The Nomadics necrolog is sad to announce belatedly the passing (“taking a taxi” was his own euphemism) in late February of Bill Cardoso, the hip journalist who coined the term “gonzo” for his old friend, the earlier departed Dr. Hunter S. Thompson. There’s an excellent piece on Cardoso by novelist, screenwriter and fellow hipster Lucian Truscott IV here on Digby’s Hullabaloo blog. There’s also an obit in the March … Read more Coiner of "Gonzo" Takes a Taxi

General Translator's Unvegetarian Delight

A wonderful comic instance of menu translation was just forwarded me, & you can check the whole thing out here. It’s a very large Chinese menu, so I’ll only quote a couple items, plus one of the respondents analysis of the translation of a specific item. Of course we, or at least I, couldn’t do 1/100 as well, trying to translate my breakfast menu into Chinese… Wondering if one … Read more General Translator's Unvegetarian Delight

More Morocco in the News

Quick addendum to this morning’s post: wanted to draw attention to an excellent review in The Nation of Moroccan writer Tahar Ben Jelloun’s latest novel (translated into English) by Laila Lalami, whose “moorishgirl” blog is also very worthwhile paying regular visits to.

Nicole Peyrafitte's March schedule

Friday 10th 9:30PMTrio Pamplemousse @ Justin’s 301 Lark Street Albany- 518 – 436-7008 $5 Monday 13th7PM Monday Night Experimental Cabaret Sam Truitt Ed Atkeson A C Everson @ Tess’ Lark Tavern – Albany donation suggested Friday & Saturday 24-25 8:00 PM 4-4-2 4 Compositions 4 Performers 2 Nights < /span> Michael Bisio Bass Ben Chadabe Drums Pierre Joris PoetryNicole Peyrafitte Voice Visual & Electronics Steamer 10 Theater 500 Western … Read more Nicole Peyrafitte's March schedule


What is called homework in English, we called Aufgaben in my native lingo (with a bit of a Luxembourg inflection softening the German loanword). So coming home from school it was great to find issue#5 of Aufgabe, one of the stellar magazines of the US poetry scene, and one I’ll homework any day. Besides a fascinating, wide-ranging, very open section called “Re and Not Re ‘John Cage’,” the issue … Read more Homework

Check it Out

It came in the mail recently & is worth checking out: Absinthe, the magazine of “New European Writing.” Issue 5 just out. It contains its usual eclectic mix centered on Eastern Europe but also French, Spanish and Swedish contributions of both poetry and prose; authors include Michel Faїs, Florin Ion Firimita, Stefan Mihalev Furnadzhiev,Bettina Galvagni, Georgi Gospodinov, Marcin Jagodziński, Kostas Karyotakis, Niklas Rådström, Norberto Luis Romero, Hélène Sanguinetti, Monica … Read more Check it Out

Ivor Cutler (1923-2006)

Lawdie, Lawd, this blog is becoming a necrolog — too many of those who have given us pleasure & instruction & art are kicking the bucket at the end of this winter. So, besides Ali Farka Touré and Gordon Parks (see obit here), news from the U.K. says that Ivor Cutler, poeta hilaritatis maxima, has shuffled off this immoral coil. Here’s a website with basic info on Cutler . … Read more Ivor Cutler (1923-2006)