Laâbi's New Year Poem

The following is the poem Abdellatif Laâbi sent to friends as a New Year’s greeting, saying it was the last one the old year had provided. Du droit de t’insurger Du droit de t’insurger tu userasquoi qu’il advienneDu devoir de discernerDévoilerLacérerchaque visage de l’abjectiontu t’acquitterasà visage découvertDe la graine de lumièredispensée à ton espècechue dans tes entraillestu te feras gardien et vestaleÀ ces conditions préalablestu mériteras ton vrai nomhomme … Read more Laâbi's New Year Poem

More Of Last Year's News That Will Mess With These Coming Years

2005 WAS A VERY GOOD YEAR FOR THE BIOTECH FOOD INDUSTRY By Peter Montague Felix Ballarin spent 15 years of his life developing a specialorganically-grown variety of red corn. It would bring a high price onthe market because local chicken farmers said the red color lent arosy hue to the meat and eggs from their corn-fed chickens. But whenthe corn emerged from the ground last year, yellow kernels were … Read more More Of Last Year's News That Will Mess With These Coming Years

Yearly Review, not by me

YEARLY REVIEW The number of people killed by the Indian Ocean tsunamirose to 230,000. A study showed that 310,000 Europeans diefrom air pollution each year, and the U.N. predicted that90 million Africans will have HIV by 2025. Aninternational task force of scientists, politicians, andbusiness leaders warned that the world has about 10 yearsbefore global warming becomes irreversible. TheU.S. Congress officially ratified President GeorgeW. Bush’s election victory after a two-hour … Read more Yearly Review, not by me


Pierre Joris & Nicole Peyrafitte Joseph Mastantuono & Yoori Kang Miles Joris-Peyrafitte

Back up, possibly running

Back at the end of August, just before leaving for Morocco, I bid good-bye for awhile — with the last post being from the Pyrenees. Well, it so happens that I am back in the Pyrenees just before returning to Albany to start teaching again after a sabbatical semester, so what better place to rekindle the log, I mean restart the blog. But no prom ises about daily postings … Read more Back up, possibly running

Hiking the Pyrenean Peaks

Been hiking the Pyrenean peaks around Luchon City, and, when in the valleys, overbusy with family matters — my apologies for the long absence from the blog. When I started NOMADICS a few months ago I did so on the promise to myself that I would NOT have to blog daily, that I would keep the blogging loose & open. Easier said than done: the desire for and pleasure … Read more Hiking the Pyrenean Peaks


Some time in early July I suggested on this blog that it would be nice to travel to London to take part in the Great South London trek celebrating Allen Fisher’s achievement with PLACE (just re-issued complete by Reality Street Editions) & the two first collected volumes of GRAVITY also published this year. Well, I couldn’t make it (was in Rodez on that date) buthere is the first detailed … Read more THE POETRY BUZZ

Artist to Re-Create Destroyed Buddhas

Thought the AP article below, from Yahoo News, (to which Jerry Rothenberg drew my attention) would be of interest. Not sure myself about the project : on the one hand it is a fascinating attempt at low-impact, socially conscious art, on the other I have a feeling that that much high-tech could be viewed & felt like a massive imposition on the people & the place. By SOLVEJ SCHOU, … Read more Artist to Re-Create Destroyed Buddhas


For today, a poem by Töge Sankichi (1912-1953) from the book Poems of the Atomic Bomb, to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the nuclear destruction of Hiroshima, reprinted here from Jerome Rothenberg & Pierre Joris’ anthology Poems for the Millennium, vol. 2: On the morning of August 6, 1945, at home in a part of town more than three kilometers from Ground Zero, I was just about to set … Read more Dying

…& for those friends in NYC

Subject: [bspg-sbu] 60th Anniversry Atomic Bombings, Interfaith Gathering On Friday, August 5, from 6:30 pm to 9:30pm, The New York BuddhistChurch and the Riverside Church will co-sponsor an Interfaith PeaceGathering. This year makes the 60th Anniversary of the atomicbombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. As violence and wars continue inthe world, it is important to stress peace and harmony, that therebe no more Hiroshimas, no more Nagasakis, and no more … Read more …& for those friends in NYC