anselm’s webern poem

This morning, thinking of old friend Anselm Hollo now in hospice, I read into MAYA, that gorgeous 1970 Cape Golliard book of his, gathering poems from 1959 to 1969. Here is the one that spoke to me most right now: w e b e r n 1 switch off the light the trees stand together easier then to be in our bodies growing quietly ‘dem tode entgegen’ slow it … Read more anselm’s webern poem

A Joyful Summit, part 1: Tom Raworth & Anselm Hollo

Steven Fowler organized these readings held a few nights back at the Horse Hospital in London, and said of them: “it was a once in a lifetime reading and an unforgettable night of poetry.” An article reflecting upon the event is up on 3am magazine, here.