Sappho Translated

A week ago — on the 22 February to be accurate — I posted the original Greek version of the recently rediscovered poem by Sappho addressing/chiding her brother, without the rather stiff academic translation that accompanied the poem. I suggested that I’d be interested in a better translation and — no major surprise, really (I had hopes that he would take the bait), though a very pleasant one — poet & … Read more Sappho Translated

George Economou on C.P. Cavafy Translations

Some weeks ago, The New York Times Book Review published a review of recent translations of the Greek poet C.P. Cavafy. A rather sloppy job by someone who doesn’t in fact know Greek. The poet, translator & scholar George Economou sent a letter to the editor, critical of this (& other) reviews of Cavafy’s work in translation, which the Times did not deign publish. Economou’s points are well taken, … Read more George Economou on C.P. Cavafy Translations