Uri Avnery: Eyeless in Gaza

April 14, 2018 WRITE DOWN: I, Uri Avnery, soldier number 44410 of the Israel army, hereby dissociate myself from the army sharpshooters who murder unarmed demonstrators along the Gaza Strip, and from their commanders, who give them the orders, up to the commander in chief. We don’t belong to the same army, or to the same state. We hardly belong to the same human race. IS MY government committing … Read more Uri Avnery: Eyeless in Gaza

Uri Avnery on the Polish Question

February 3, 2018  “Not Enough!” MANY YEARS ago, right after the fall of communism in Eastern Europe, I was asked to write a book about the events. Rachel took the photos, I wrote the text. The book, which appeared only in Hebrew, was called “Lenin Does Not Live Here Anymore”. When we visited Warsaw, we were astonished by the many places in the city with metal plates announcing “(Name) … Read more Uri Avnery on the Polish Question

Uri Avnery: The Jumping Parliament

YEARS AGO, when I was a member of the Knesset, I decided to stage a demonstration in the plenum hall. I put on a T-shirt with the slogan “Peace is greater than Greater Eretz Israel”. In the middle of the debate I took my jacket off, displaying the slogan. After a few minutes, an usher approached me and said politely: “The Speaker would like to see you in his … Read more Uri Avnery: The Jumping Parliament

Uri Avnery: Why I am Angry

January 6, 2018 I AM angry with the Mizrahi elite. Very angry indeed. Mizrah is the Hebrew word for East. Eastern Jews are those who lived for many centuries in the Islamic world. Western Jews are those who lived in Christian Europe. The words are, of course, misnomers. Russian Jews are “Westerners”, Moroccan Jews are “Easterners”. A look at the map shows that Russia is far to the East … Read more Uri Avnery: Why I am Angry

Uri Avnery:     Cry, Beloved Country

December 23, 2017 ANYONE PROPOSING the death penalty is either a complete fool, an incorrigible cynic or mentally disturbed – or all of these. There is no effective therapy for any of these defects. I wouldn’t even try. A fool would not understand the overwhelming evidence for the conclusion. For a cynic, advocacy of the death penalty is a proven votecatcher. A mentally disturbed person derives pleasure from the … Read more Uri Avnery:     Cry, Beloved Country

Uri Avnery on Jerusalem & Trump

excepted from From Barak to Trump, this  week’s installment of Avnery’s newsletter: Palestinians, and Arabs at large, do have deep feelings and convictions. They are a proud people. They still remember the times when Muslims were incomparably more advanced than the barbarian Europeans. To be treated like dirt by the US president and his Jewish entourage hurts them deeply, and may lead to a disturbance in our region that no … Read more Uri Avnery on Jerusalem & Trump

Uri Avnery: Crusaders & Zionists

September 2, 2017 A FEW days ago I found myself in Caesarea, sitting in a restaurant and looking out over the sea. The sunbeams were dancing on the little waves, the mysterious ruins of the ancient town arrayed behind me . It was hot, but not too hot, and I was thinking about the crusaders. Caesarea was built by King Herod some 2000 years ago and named after his … Read more Uri Avnery: Crusaders & Zionists

  Uri Avnery: Eyeless in Gaza

July 8, 2017 I HAVE a unique confession to make: I like Gaza. Yes, I like this far-away corner of Palestine, the narrow strip on the way to Egypt, in which two million human beings are crowded, and which is closer to hell than to heaven. My heart goes out to them. I HAVE spent quite a lot of time in the Strip. Once or twice I stayed there … Read more   Uri Avnery: Eyeless in Gaza

Uri Avnery” CUI BONO?

  April 15, 2017 CUI BONO – “who benefits” – is the first question an experienced detective asks when investigating a crime. Since I was a detective myself for a short time in my youth, I know the meaning. Often, the first and obvious suspicion is false. You ask yourself “cui bono”, and another suspect, who you did not think about, appears. For two weeks now, this question has … Read more Uri Avnery” CUI BONO?

Uri Avnery: Perhaps the Messiah will Come

March 11, 2017 IF SOMEONE had told me 50 years ago that the rulers of Israel, Jordan and Egypt had met in secret to make peace, I would have thought that I was dreaming. If I had been told that the leaders of Egypt and Jordan had offered Israel complete peace in return for leaving the occupied territories, with some exchanges of territory and a token return of refugees, … Read more Uri Avnery: Perhaps the Messiah will Come